I would be lying to you if I told you that my spiritual journey has been a walk in the park. I frankly do not know myself very well and have been greatly affected by the energies of the people around me. As an emapth and an intuitive, I simply…

Preparing to Heal the Sacred Masculine through the Energy of the Feminine

Photo by Ava Sol

I don’t know about you but my energy has been feeling very ungrounded and my body has had some difficulties adjusting to the energetic changes going on in the world. The truth is that my feminine energy has…

It goes back to your childhood

Photo by Ava Sol

I recently had a phone call with a friend and colleague where she stated that someone she respected and admired in the business world gave the advice to never do business with someone that seemed sexually repressed. To a certain extent I can understand…

Why your energy matters

Photo by Greg Rakozy

Throughout my spiritual journey to date, I’ve learned a lot about my energy and soul loss. I did not know how much trauma or PTSD lingered in my system nor did I understand how much trauma was in my family lineage. When you are trying to…

Musing about the biggest mistake in love I’ve ever made…

It all fell apart
Right before my eyes
The hope that things would be better
Crumbled into ash.
I know not who I am
Nor where I am going
Nor what I seek
I just feel regret.
An airplane ride destroyed the love I desired;
But was too scared to say the magic words.
I fell victim…

Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes

Sex & Relationship Alchemist | Author & Speaker | Intuitive | Psychologist @jenniferbrhodes

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