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I’ll be honest with you — tango was not the very first dance I thought I wanted to dance. I really loved latin ballroom and fell in love with Vanessa Williams in the movie, . Like you, I’ve enjoyed watching ballroom dancing on television but it never truly clicked with me. I was looking for more intimacy and connection but just didn’t know it.

I was also always bored with the leader who seemed to dance by himself to show off but had little regard to the experience of the two of us dancing together.

Most people enter…

Sometimes we all just need to choose to have fun

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My ended with the premise that I was ready to meet the other half of my soul. I was in a beautiful place when I wrote those words pre-COVID. Then I got dragged into the whole twin flame journey with someone I have zero clue, as of now, is actually my twin flame. I’m currently watching my entire life fall apart (which is common on the journey) and, despite asking the Universe to slow its roll, there has been no real release of the wackadoodleness of psychic experiences…

Support for the spiritually rebellious soul

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My spiritual journey over the past few months has been, for lack of a better word, ridiculous. Sometimes I am a “friend” and sometimes I get looked at by families as the devil. Sometimes I am happily referred to as a witch or a psychic and other times stared at for not fitting into a box. I don’t fit in a box. Never did. It is the reason why I have always found much of the United States confining and controlling. The purpose of the spiritual journey is to free your soul to be…

I would be lying to you if I told you that my spiritual journey has been a walk in the park. I frankly do not know myself very well and have been greatly affected by the energies of the people around me. As an emapth and an intuitive, I simply did not know how much my family history of mental illness affected my physical body. Over the past few weeks it has become increasingly clear that not only did the energy of the people closest to me affect my health and emotions, but it completely steered my choices in both…

It took me awhile to realize how much I loved writing. Truth be told, the energetic shifts for the past few years threw my career off track and so many blockages presented themselves. The heaking journey threw me for a monumental loop and it has led me toward owning and appreciating how grateful I’ve been for my career. I’ve been through burnout so many times that I took it for granted. But now I realize how important it has been for my development as a woman. …

Preparing to Heal the Sacred Masculine through the Energy of the Feminine

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I don’t know about you but my energy has been feeling very ungrounded and my body has had some difficulties adjusting to the energetic changes going on in the world. The truth is that my feminine energy has been out of balance, often leading to strong emotions that are being purged from my womb. There has been a lot of joy and a lot of sadness recently and I know it is all for my highest good.

Today I went and got a cup of matcha — something…

It goes back to your childhood

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I recently had a phone call with a friend and colleague where she stated that someone she respected and admired in the business world gave the advice to never do business with someone that seemed sexually repressed. To a certain extent I can understand that mentality. Sexual repression usually has anxiety and other emotional symptoms associated with it. Yet, if one were to really stick with this rule, half the world would be dropped from potential client status. Why? Sexual repression almost always has a traumatic memory linked to it.

From a yogic perspective…

Why your energy matters

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Throughout my spiritual journey to date, I’ve learned a lot about my energy and soul loss. I did not know how much trauma or PTSD lingered in my system nor did I understand how much trauma was in my family lineage. When you are trying to heal your stuff, it can be hard to turn inward and really learn what is going on. …

Musing about the biggest mistake in love I’ve ever made…

It all fell apart
Right before my eyes
The hope that things would be better
Crumbled into ash.
I know not who I am
Nor where I am going
Nor what I seek
I just feel regret.
An airplane ride destroyed the love I desired;
But was too scared to say the magic words.
I fell victim to a friend who I thought knew more than I did.

I gave up my power, my sovereignty On walks by the ocean to a shark dressed like an angel.
Nevertheless, I walked my path, constantly crucified and beaten down along the way.
Fear continues…

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I’m actually not sure it is possible but you can try to have a sense of humor about it

A full blown awakening is a process. It is a very painful process that takes much longer than anyone thinks it is going to. Then one day you walk through a door and sit with a sense of peace and start realizing how ridiculous the world is and how you missed so much along the way. It is hard not to feel completely dumbfounded, in awe or like an idiot when you start to see the patterns in your life.


Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes

Sex & Relationship Alchemist | Author & Speaker | Intuitive | Psychologist @jenniferbrhodes

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