Love will always be a part of these relationships. Love is not the problem. It is in our lack of awareness that these relationships need to be cleared for our soul to grow. We, however, live in a very disconnected society that supports the splitting of the mind and the body. We can't leave such relationships until we decide we've had enough and choose to step on to the path of relational spirituality. The energetic cord between people in such relationships is often powerful and why healing has multiple levels. Yet, once the process starts with the intention to transform- the healing can begin. As someone who has walked the entirety of the path for over a decade, I can say that what is on the other side of such a journey is worth it but only those brave enough to do the inner work will see what really happened. My sincere hope is that now more and more people are awakening, the support needed to brave the journey will be there and the healing of trauma and PTSD will happen more easily. Often times we need just one experience of joy with a safe person to trigger a mindset shift - and then the strategy and planning to get out can happen more easily. Thank you for sharing your story.

Sex & Relationship Alchemist | Author & Speaker | Intuitive | Psychologist @jenniferbrhodes

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