Why the Twin Flame is Just a Step on the Journey

Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes
8 min readMar 22, 2021

It would make sense that at different points in our evolution, this concept will need to evolve as well

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I will start this article with a confession. Even after all the scientific training I’ve had, my awakening experience has taught me that soul mates, karmic relationships and twin flames are real. Opening to this dimension of relationships can make you feel like you are losing your mind. You are not. We simply stay in our rational brain trying to make sense of experiences with people that may not be understood with the rational mind.

The problem is not whether the concept of a twin flame is real or not. The problem is that we still believe in the version of Cinderella that came from the 1800s and not 7BC and see the twin flame as the ultimate romantic soul connection. It was during that time that a major imbalance between the masculine and feminine occurred lending itself to this idea that the only way women could be in the world is if they were rescued through romantic love.

We continue to play out that story in our dating lives.

In the Victorian era, the only thing that was expected from women was to get married and support their husband’s business interests. They were not allowed to be educated and spent most of their time preparing to meet a spouse. We had come a long way from the original Cinderella story that involves an eagle playing matchmaker with a sandal and showcasing the importance of responsibility by those in power for elevating the status of those persons who were born into poverty. The original Cinderella story has many spiritual overtures to it and make it far more important than a story just about romantic love. The Victorian Era represented the height of extreme gender conformity. It is also no coincidence that it was during this time that modern psychology was developed (your husband could institutionalize you without cause and against your will)

“From infancy all girls who were born above the level of poverty had the dream of a successful marriage before their eyes, for by that alone was it possible for a woman to rise in the world” — Charles Petrie

Thus, it would make sense from a spiritual perspective that our healing journeys as women would include a stop over into this history. The twin…

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